Our Mission

To bridge the gap between functional 'fitness'
meal prep and the dine at home experience.

Our Values

We care about our impact on the planet.

This is why all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from 80% paper and 20% recycled plastic. We don’t go far afield for great ingredients and support local, family-run businesses right here in Manchester.

As well as operating as a zero to landfill company, we are proud to source high-quality produce from British suppliers across Cheshire, The Lake District & West Yorkshire.

What Makes Us Different?

From our development kitchen to your front door, we pride ourselves on bringing you a friendly, nutrition-led service. Working closely with you, we focus on the macro-nutrient profile of each meal which is central to a healthy, controlled diet and a successful fitness program.

Delivering throughout Manchester and the Northwest, our clients enjoy delicious, restaurant quality meals developed by nutritionists and prepared by chefs. Our meals provide the optimal nutritional balance for a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle.

From our founder

As someone who is obsessed with good food, it seemed to me that too many people were missing out on the imagination, vibrancy and freshness needed in their functional meal prep.

It’s my belief that you can achieve your specific nutritional and fitness goals without sacrificing incredible flavours. It was out of this belief, that I created The Nutritionist MCR.


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